Painting with Live Colours

Sujit, Baba-ji, Pawan Kumar Dubey.

An article for Swiss Future 1/2021 about the art practice of Sujit Mallik, member of the Delhi based art group WALA.

Art has the potential to point to the future through experimenting and struggling with the contemporary by opposing it defiantly. While the art market has become internationally commercialised, artists regain their autonomy by breaking free of restricting formats—working on the human scale in reality—where their practice touches upon questions of ethics and aesthetics in different forms, society is driven forward and alternative infrastructures are frequently created. The Indian art scene is no exception, immersed as it is in a sub-continent with such a multitude of cultures, religions, languages, and phases of modernising converging. Moving into the 21st century, the question of how infrastructure is organised will become a defining factor of the future in India and artists may have a say in precisely that.

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The cleaned space

Gardening on the roof top. Paribartana Mohanty and Sujit Mallik.

Cooking performance with organic vegetables from saag-wala.

Sujit at his farm in Loni.

Visiting the fields.

Sujit, Baba-ji and Pawan Kumar Dubey visiting farmers in Loni.

A crop sample.

Checking seeds.

Pumpkins in the field.


Field plan on canvas.