Werkschau Kanton Zürich
part of the series ‘The Dark Side of the Chip’ (2013-2019)
Inkjet-Print, 16 parts, 244 x 280 cm

We are very familiar with the plethora of technological devices that surround us in our daily life. Though, once their functionality comes to an end, our perception opens up for their material and the inherent aesthetics—giving a reason to reflect upon the various facets of digitisation.

The screens were bought from an e-waste trader in Delhi, who is selling them among many other parts, to be broken down to their basic components like glass, plastic and electronics. Not long ago, they were displaying information, receiving a lot of attention for that feat, and disappeared suddenly from our field of vision. Relieved from any functional task and separated from the control board, the screens have only one single last task: to display in their individual way the traces of the recycling process and the expressive qualities of the material. Therefrom emerges an aesthetic of technological artefacts, stripped bare from magical attributions and superlatives of marketing, being reduced to the naked value and attractiveness of their material, receiving through their presence in the art context a new message and symbolic value.