Branding 2004

“It’s a new brand world.”
– Tom Peters
“It’s a new brand world.”
– Tom Peters
“You ‘re branded, branded, branded.”
– Tom Peters
Branding is an installation that plays with the afterimage on the retina, using current media practice in an absurd manner. An installation visitor encounters the branding station in a dark room, where he gets invited to look into a stereoscope and subsequently push the trigger. A light impulse flashes through the stereoscope with corporate logo stencils, causing an overexposure of the retina. This produces an afterimage for about 20 minutes.
Focusing on the image does not work, as it is perceived by the nerves themselves. Thus the image is only seen by the branded individual, overlaying normal vision. Installing the branding machine in an art show was a perfect match.
Don’t try this at home. reasonable use does not cause damage!
Max Rheiner, Raphael Perret 2004
Exhibited at
Cart, Kunst 04, Zurich 11 2004
Cargo Bar, Basel 02 – 03 2005