Tech No Logic

Only because there is a logic chip in every coffee machine doesn’t mean our world is making sense.

The Gate

"The Gate" at CAN

It doesn’t matter whether you are standing in India, Egypt, the US of A or somewhere in Europe, the metal detector has become a universal symbol of security in the urban landscape. The metal detector gate has become common language, a point of performance, where individuals of all kind pass through and become civilized citizens. Regardless whether the gate is plugged or not, not working at all, equipped with the latest crop of technology or the gate beeps furiously but nobody reacts, the act of performance stays the same.

My version of the gate is very democratic as it beeps and shines its rainbow light for everyone.

CAN, Centre d’art Neuchâtel, À la recherche de la bohème perdue, May 25th to July 7th 2013

"The Gate" in action


For a long time, I had an eye on metal detectors. Though the beauties below sparked my imagination.

Checkpoint in Delhi 2012

Back entrance, Delhi, 2012


The Pay Less Get More Experience

Yet another Coin Operated Machine! Insert a Coin, a picture is being taken of you getting rid of your coin and subsequently printed in Ascii Art on a Receipt Printer.

The Pay Less Get More Experience offers a direct Return of Investment and a unique opportunity to get rid of your pocket money. The only true Pay Less Get More Experience in Town.


The in- and outside of the box.



Coins are elegantly collected in the coffee cup.


a test print… best looked at from a distance


The Win Win Situation

Foto: Fosca Tóth

“The Win Win Situation” is a contribution to Fosca Tóth’s magazine Dualist.
A reactive object in the tradition of coin op machines. Insert coin and …

30 x 30 x 30cm, wood & electronics
– Exhibited at ZHdK BA exhibiton 2010
– Presented at “Warum sollte man in Kunst investieren?” at Dock 18, 4.6.2010