A collection of collaborations where i had the possibility to work on the tech side of life.


Nicole Zaugg, student at the Style & Design department of Zurich University of the Arts, ZHdK, wanted a “Moonomat.” In other words, a photo booth in which one can take snapshots of one’s behind. With a bit of code, a button and a printer a Moonomat came into being. – For those who are still confused, mooning means “to shine ones behind in public.”




Sirena Alpina

For the artist Mirko Baselgia, I developed the electronic part of three radio controlled, singing, marmot columns.

The inner life.

The three marmots

standing in order


Anna & Tian from publiclab let me join in to work on “Hit Hit.” It’s an interactive Boxing Machine. Something like the one below. There will be more…


Tobias Gsell asked for support to revive his piece “Chameleon” after it got destroyed by a fire incident. We repatched the programming and made the technological workflow slicker. It’s been funny getting a grip on the LED controller that’s being used for the Xmas light installation at the Bahnofstrasse Zurich.
Exhibited 25.11.2005 – 26.03.2006, Orstmuseum Zollikon

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The Desert Room

In autumn 2005 I had the chance to support Marco Poloni constructing his installation “The Desert Room.” The missing bits were a hardware interface for his beautifully crafted camera panning machinery. As well as a software interface that processes video streams in realtime.