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Things that got printed and bound to a book.

Book presentation “Machines of Desire”

Workshop, Book Presentation, Talks
Sat 13. Dez 2014, 14 – 21h
Helmhaus Zürich, Limmatquai 31, 8001 Zürich
A day in collaboration with Digital Brainstorm, Migros Kulturprozent and Helmhaus Zürich

Workshop  14:00 – 17:30 for kids and teens
tinker xmas presents with electronic waste

Machines of Desire Book Presentation 17:00
Edited by Raphael Perret
With contributions from Ravi Agarwal, Simon Berkler, Isabella Bozsa, Bharati Chaturvedi, Madhu Khanna, Olaf Knellessen, Frank J. Korom, Daniel Morgenthaler, Francis Müller, Raphael Rogenmoser.
212 pages, German and English, Hardcover, Amsel Verlag Zürich
Design: Claudia Wildermuth
price at the presentation CHF 42.–,  specialedition CHF 98.–

Talks and discussion 18:00
With Ravi Agarwal, artist and environmentalist, Delhi;
Dr. Christian Berndt, professor of economic geography at the University of Zurich;
Dr. Phil. Olaf Knellessen, psychoanalyst, Zurich.
The following discussion is moderated by Daniel Morgenthaler (Helmhaus Zürich)
and Raphael Rogenmoser (Migros-Kulturprozent).


Machines of Desire 1 Machines of Desire 2

A Book about Desire

My book project is ready for crowd funding on we make it. Thank you very much for your support!

Bodycloud featured in “New Move”

Diary 2014-16 by EIGA Design Hamburg

Diary 2014-16 by EIGA Design Hamburg

Project Bodycloud is featured in New Move Trend Diary 2014-16. Designed by EIGA Hamburg and published by NBVD.

Between Man and Machine

the interactiondesign department of hgkz (university for art and design zurich) published a book about its perspective on “interactiondesign” called “total interaction” and is available since may 2005 at birkhäuser verlag.
asked to write an article for it, i spent some time with books and my machine. the outcome was “betweeen man and machine”. an article dealing with basic principles like sensors as imaging devices for machines.
a foto shooting with elias ulli completes the writing. it shows SAM, the sweat articulating manikin, created by EMPA st. gallen. it’s a robot that tests the comfort of clothes while it’s walking and sweating. many thanks to cordula becker & elias ulli

In 2003 the Intearction Design Department at the University for Art and Design Zurich published “Total Interaction,”a book about its perspective on Interaction Design. Asked to write a an article for it, I spent some time with books and my machine. The outcome was “Between Man and Machine.”

A foto session with Elias Ulli completes the writing. It shows SAM, the Sweat Articulating Manikin, created by EMPA St. Gallen. It’s a robot that tests the comfort of clothes while it’s walking and sweating. Many thanks to Cordula Becker & Elias Ulli
Download the article as PDF.

Photography Elias Ulli