Machines of Desire – Publication

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– A documentation of the “Recycling Yantra” project as well as a an exploration of desire in electronic consumer culture –

212 pages, hard cover, all texts in English and German, color images, 170 x 240mm

Edited by Raphael Perret 2014, New Delhi / Zurich
With contributions from: Ravi Agarwal, Simon Berkler, Isabella Bozsa, Bharati Chaturvedi, Madhu Khanna, Olaf Knellessen, Frank J. Korom, Daniel Morgenthaler, Francis Müller, Raphael Rogenmoser

Designed by Bureau vue, Claudia Wildermuth
Amsel Verlag, Zurich, ISBN 978-3-9523960-7-0
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Raphael Rogenmoser – Preface
Raphael Perret – Introduction
Ravi Agarwal – Ecological Contestations – Hi-Tech Waste a Case Study from India
Olaf Knellessen – The Cycle of Waste
Madhu Khanna – The Smara Hara Yantra in a Contemporary Context
Simon Berkler – Needs in Marketing: How Much Desire Does the Industry Need?
Frank J. Korom – Unravelling a Narrative Scroll About Modernity and its Discontents
Francis Müller – Technological Artefacts as Objects of Desire
Bharati Chaturvedi – When Workers Become Unnamed Machines and Machines Become Undocumented Trash
Isabella Bozsa – Desire as Klésa in the Teachings of Buddhism
Daniel Morgenthaler – Big Brother on the Couch

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STEO Stiftung, Georges und Jenny Bloch – Stiftung

Anonymous Anonymous, Beatrix Barmettler, Martin Bezzola, Philippe Bischof, Jeannette Bloch, Daniel Boos, Julia Bruderer, Barbara Buser, Gerhard M. Buurman, Sven Capol, Flavia Caviezel, Yorkie Chadwick, Paola De Coppi, Uwe Engler, Carolina Espirito Santo Ollu, Rudolf Felder, Sonja Feldmeier, Martin Feuz, Sascha Freimüller, Benoît Gisler, Claudia Güdel, Peter Gutmann, Felix Haldimann, Tobi Hobi, Doris Hochstrasser, Wolfgang Hockenjos, Patrick Hug, Karin Hutter, Olaf Knellessen, Judith Luks, Sara Lüscher, Matthias Müller, Adrian Notz, Rolf Nungesser, Franziska Nyffenegger, Esther und Peter Perret, Miriam Perret, Samuel Perret, Baptiste Planche, Esther Reinhardt, Eva Richterich, Suzanne Schaffner, Sebastian Schnorf, Esther Solèr, Rafael Sommerhalder, Daniel Späti, Marc Stierlin, Dominik Stucky, Cécile Syfrig, Emanuel Tschumi, Karin Tschumi, Pius Tschumi, Beat von Felten, Christian Weber, Fabian Weber, Niki Wiese Schawalder, Alexandra Wymann, Michel Zai, Beatrice Zschokke, Vania Zschokke

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Chander Bhan Mahawar, the signboard painter in Bhogal market. Photos by Claudia Wildermuth.


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