Recycling Part 2

Accompanied by Vinod Kumar from Toxics Link, we visited again some recycling areas. Vinod’s expertise and knowledge was of tremendous value.


Taking apart monitors.

Still operable crt will be used again in a ‘new’ monitor. The glass of broken crt’s is used to make marbles. Electronic components will also be reused. 

Vinod Kumar

Plastic cases are

sold by the kilogram.

Selling scrap by the kilogram


Extracting chips from used mobilephones

in order to recuperate

lead, copper, brass and gold.


300 CD drives per worker per day are being taken apart.

The motors will be reused in toys.

Metal, plastic and circuit boards are neatly separated.


For some reason, a recycler dumped broken CRTs,

CD drive components,

Keyboard mats and

conductive foil

in front of other people’s houses. Where jens are bleached

and dried


A workplace 

to dismantle keyboards

by a very young workforce.


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