Recycling Part 1


Copper and metal is recuperated from all kind of cables.

As our intention was to find out more about ‘cycles’ in different forms, we visited areas of New Delhi, where electric appliances are recycled. The first field trip brought us to places where wires are stripped in order to recuperate the copper and metal cores. Also the plastic shielding is used, it will probably end up in a the furnace of a brick oven. Apart from the wires, transformers are broken up to separate the copper coil from the metal frame.

The cables stem from house appliances as well as industrial use.

Once the the shielding is taken away, the metal cores get bundled and sold to the metal dealer by the kilogram.

The shielding will probably also be sold and burned in the furnace of a brick oven.

Recyclable material is hand picked.

The copper of coils in transformers and motors is of high value. The coils are broken up by brute force.

Transformer cases ready for transport.

Of course the metal frame holding the coil is resold as well.


Old computers coming into the country by dubious ways are taken apart and still working components will be used for repairs. No bit with value is wasted. Thus, there’s a huge market of repair shops for computers of any kind. How great if you don’t need to dump your device.

There's an elaborate market of repair shops.

There's no need to dump your laptop when the screen goes blank. Single chips can be exchanged!

There's an estimate given for the success rate of the repair.

Inkjet cartridges can be refilled.

Also laser toner ...


There’s also a market for 2nd hand computers. The components date back a couple of years but one can assemble the machine of choice for a fraction of the price of a new one. Making computers reachable for many more.

Even more exciting is the market of 2nd hand computers.

One can assemble a computer of choice with components dating back a couple of years.


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