Fête Accomplie

I had the pleasure to write a generative animation with HTML 5 / Canvas / JavaScript.
See it live at www.feteaccomplie.com

Customer: Fête Accomplie, Andreas Pettenhofer
Art Direction by Studio Patrick Roppel
Drawings by the fabulous Jean Philippe Delhomme

Sirena Alpina

For the artist Mirko Baselgia, I developed the electronic part of three radio controlled, singing, marmot columns.

The inner life.

The three marmots

standing in order

Cabaret Vulgaire


The Win Win Situation is taking part at 7th international Dadafestival, 15. – 23.6.2012 at Perla Moden Zurich.

Conflux Part 2

It was a wonderful trip to a great exhibition.
A warm thank you goes to Michaela Murphy, Kate Shannon and  John Thrasher.
See more at confluxexhibition.com

All images by Kate Shannon






Bodycloud will be presented at Conflux exhibition 19.1. – 2.3.2012 at The Pearl Connard Art Gallery, The Ohio State University at Mansfield, Ohio USA

Uamo Festival 2011


The Win Win Situation will be shown at UAMO Festival 2011 27. – 30.10.2011 at ehemalige Togalwerke München

Utopia on the Abyss


Stormy Times in/ on/ at the Market will be shown from 5.9. – 13.11.2011 at the National Gallery Prag

Stormy Times in/ on/ at the Market

Of bubbles and crashes – insert more coins

This time it’s a coin operated room installation. Insert a coin and … “What goes up must come down” by The Alan Parson Project starts playing, your coin rolls down a ledge and ends up in a copper bucket producing a wonderful “ping” sound. Furthermore a fan blows number balloons around, which represent dates of recent stock market crashes.

Installed at National Gallery Prag, Spare Time Utopia – Utopia on the Abyss, 5.9. – 13.11.2011





Motel Nirvana


The Pay Less Get More Experience will be presented at Motel Nirwana, Rote Fabrik Zürich, 10. – 26.2.2011

Kinetica Part 2

Kinetica was huge and overwhelming. Thank you all for coming by. What the press says:

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Some impressions: